4 star grading for saddleworth self catering cottages, delph, oldham, lancashire

Quality Self Catering
in the rural and historic area of Saddleworth
Sandbed Lane, Delph, Near Oldham, Lancashire OL3 5UZ

Tel: +44 (0)1457 871668  


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at Sandbed Lane, Delph, Oldham

(The reservation of which is accepted only on these terms.)


This contract is between the Hirer and Peregrine Cottage and/or Stables Cottage (from now on referred to as the Company).  Bookings must be made on the booking form, accompanied by the stated deposit, with the balance due on arrival. Once the company has received a completed booking form with the deposit and has accepted the booking, the Hirer is liable for the cost of the stay whether or not the Hirer of any of his stated party actually stays, and any balance  payable under the booking must be paid in full to the Company. Failure to make such payment will be deemed a breach of contract by the Hirer and the Company   will then be at liberty to treat the breach as repudiation of the contract and will not be obliged to retain the accommodation and shall, at its discretion, re-let the accommodation, or charge the Hirer for the full cost thereof if unable to re-let.  In any event the deposit paid shall be NON REFUNDABLE and the Company reserves its right to proceed to recover all losses incurred by it notwithstanding the repudiation of the Contract by the Company.  By signing the booking form the Hirer accepts all our terms and conditions on his/her behalf and that of the party he/she represents including any substitutions made or added at a later date. We reserve the right, within a period of 5 days from receiving completed booking form to decline or accept the booking, whereupon any payment made will be refunded in full. We reserve the right to amend prices quoted verbally or in any brochure, letter or communication which may be due to error or omission.


The Company will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the Hirer’s belongings, personal injury or loss of life (other than death or personal injury due to the Company’s negligence.) Baggage is at the Hirers risk at all times.

Any baggage or personal property left behind after the stay will be returned, the cost of returning shall be at the Hirers expense.  The Company will not be liable for any act, neglect or default, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury expense or inconvenience whether to person or property which the Hirer or any member of his or her party may suffer arising out of or in connection with their stay or resulting from, any other cause whatsoever, and if for any reason beyond our control e.g. fire damage) the property is not available on the booked date, all payments made in advance by the Hirer will be refunded in full and the Hirer shall have NO further claim against the Company.


All letting start at 3.00 pm on the first day and ends at 10.00 am on the day of departure.  Under no circumstances can the period booked be exceeded or the number of persons staying in the property increased without prior permission of the Company.  Failure to do so invalidates the Company’s insurance.  The company does not allow parties to be held in the properties.  The Hirer shall be responsible for any losses, damages or costs of whatever nature incurred should there be any unauthorised extension of the letting.


The Hirer is responsible for:


*              All losses or damage to the property and its contents.

*              Taking good care of the property throughout the stay.

*              Making sure the property is left in a good, clean and tidy condition.

*              The Hirer is to permit the Company to have access to the property during the occupation if and when required.


*              There will be no parting with the possession of the property or sharing occupation, except with members of the Hirer’s stated party (as stated on booking form) or subsequently advised and accepted by the Company at an additional cost of £10.00 per person per night.

*              No causing nuisance or annoyance to the occupiers of the adjacent properties or land.

*              Driving with care when approaching and leaving the property.

*              No shouting or playing loud music.

*              No smoking inside the property.


Contents – the contents of the property, including books, maps etc are the property of the Company and must not be removed. Animals – no animals allowed in the property without the express consent of the Company.  Complaints - should the Hirer have any complaints about the condition of the property or the accommodation provided this must be made within 24 hours of the hirer’s arrival.  Parking – parking is only allowed on the slope in front of the property when unloading.


Whilst the Company has made every effort to give a full and accurate description of the property, the Company cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions made in written material or of any loss or damage resulting from information given or statements made by the Company.